Advantages and disadvantages of different type concrete roof tile machine

- Dec 27, 2017-

Concrete roof tile machine is from Europe and the United States, it is a professional use of advanced technology, cement, sand and other low-cost raw materials for special processing, after roof tile equipment molding / hydraulic production of various tile-watts professional tile-making equipment. Concrete roof tile machine according to their production of products and the nature of the work is divided into different types of rolling forming machine, molding machine, their advantages and disadvantages are as follows:

1, Extrusion forming machine: high yield, fast, simple maintenance, but the investment is too high, a single shape.

2, Molding Tile Machine: At present, the most advanced tile machine models, most of the machines are Mitsubishi PLC control system, the main touch screen and digital display points. Die made of special steel, durable and long service life. Host equipped with enhanced pressure head and universal pressure plate, can be easily replaced with different main tile mold and shaped tile mold, suitable for the production of various types of cement tile and road brick.