Advantages of pneumatic components of cement color tile machine

- Dec 19, 2020-

Advantages of pneumatic components of cement color tile machine


The pneumatic components of the cement tile machine refer to the components that perform work by the force of gas pressure or contraction. These gases convert the energy of the contracted air into kinetic energy. Such as cylinders, steam engines, etc. This is an energy transmission situation, and is also installed for energy conversion, using air pressure to transfer energy.

First of all, the advantages of the pneumatic components of the cement tile machine are:

1. The pneumatic installation structure is simple, lightweight, and simple to install and protect. The pressure level is low, so it is safe to use.

2. The working medium is inexhaustible, and the air itself does not cost money. The exhaust solution is simple, does not purify the environment, and has low cost.

3. The adjustment of input force and task speed is very easy. The speed of the cylinder is 50~500mm/s, which is faster than hydraulic and electrical methods.

4. High reliability and long service life. The number of effective measures for electrical components is about one million times, the service life of a single SMC solenoid valve exceeds 30 million times, and the service life of small valves exceeds 200 million times.

5. Using the contraction of air, energy can be stored and centralized air supply can be completed. It can release energy in a short time to achieve high-speed response in intermittent static state. Can buffer prestressed anchor bolts. It has strong adaptability to impact load and overload. Under certain conditions, pneumatic installations can be self-sustaining.

6. Fully pneumatically controlled, with fire-proof, explosion-proof and moisture-proof capabilities. Compared with hydraulic method, pneumatic method can be used in low temperature places.

7. Since the loss of air activity is small, compressed air can be supplied centrally and transported over long distances.

Secondly, the disadvantages of the pneumatic components of the cement color tile machine:

1. Since the air is contractible, the moving speed of the cylinder is easily changed due to load. The gas-liquid linkage method can overcome this shortcoming.

2. When the hydraulic cylinder is stationary at low speed, because the friction force accounts for a large part of the thrust, the low-speed stability of the hydraulic cylinder is not as good as that of the hydraulic cylinder.

3. Although the input force of the hydraulic cylinder can meet the mission requirements in many applications, its input force is smaller than that of the hydraulic cylinder. Pneumatic technology is a professional technology that uses compressed air as a medium to drive and control machinery. Because it has the advantages of energy saving, no purification, high efficiency, low cost, and reliable and simple structure, it is widely used in various machinery and consumer products. The aerodynamic systems and components in the consumer product line (such as cars and tractors) are designed, manufactured and maintained by each factory.