Brief introduction to hydraulic pump station of clay tile machine

- Feb 24, 2021-

Brief introduction to hydraulic pump station of clay tile machine

As the output power system of the entire hydraulic tile machine, the hydraulic station plays a very important role in the entire tile machine production line.

The motor and oil pump of the cement tile machine are the sources of kinetic energy in the hydraulic station. The rotation of the motor drives the oil pump to extract hydraulic oil and convert mechanical energy into kinetic energy.

The hydraulic valve is the second part of the oil station. After the hydraulic oil is pumped out by the oil pump, it changes the direction and pressure of the hydraulic oil through the hydraulic valve, and at the same time it also functions to regulate the flow of the hydraulic oil.

Then there is the cement tile machine valve combination, which is a plate valve installed on the vertical plate, and then connected with the oil pipe to distribute the oil pressure to the various cylinders of the hydraulic non-burning tile machine.

The oil tank of the cement tile machine is easy to weld with steel to store oil.

The above is the introduction of the hydraulic pump station of the entire cement tile machine. The pump station also needs frequent maintenance and overhaul, especially the detection of hydraulic oil, to prevent impurities from entering the hydraulic oil and wearing the parts of the pump station.