Cement color tile machine advantages

- Jun 01, 2018-

Color tile need not clay, need not sinter, protect cultivated land, save energy, reduce environmental pollution. The advantages of cement color tiles produced by cement color tile machine with moulded type color tile machine

Waterproof properties

The structure of the bottom of the tile can only be achieved if the quality tiles formed by pressure filter moulding. In addition, the moulded tile has a higher head than part of the water blocking effect, which is used in the horizontal roof, also will not appear rainwater countercurrent phenomenon.

The compressive properties

(model is accurate and can be designed according to the requirements) after mold forming, high strength (1,250 kn pressure), accurate shape size (420mm * 330mm, about 9 pieces per square), uniform density.


Both vertical and horizontal laying are convenient and feasible. In general slope roofing, you can do not need to hang tiles, and can also easily cut tiles by wet cutting at any Angle with a cutter.

The wind resistance

The moulded tiles are used to bite the inclined surface and slope from left to right to make the roof form a compact whole.

Heat insulation performance

By the Japanese joint tests show that the solar energy research center in the hottest within three months, with moulded article color tile use tile table inside the roof of the daily average temperature of 71.4 degrees Fahrenheit (21.89 degrees Celsius), reduce the load of the air-conditioning, thermal performance is better than that of other kind.

Antifreeze performance

Through 25 cycles of freeze-thaw tests, the performance of color tiles against freeze-thaw reached the JIS standard in Japan, far superior to other types of tiles.

Resistance to penetration

Because the color tile adopts the large tonnage press molding, the area use, will not appear seepage water phenomenon. High compactness and low water absorption rate, its anti-permeability performance is much higher than that of other tile species, and no water seepage will occur in the area of long-term rain and snow.