Cement color tile machine is safer to use

- Dec 19, 2020-

Cement color tile machine is safer to use


The cement tile machine is safer to use: the new cement tile machine is safer to use. Cement tile machine is also called cement colored tile machine, collectively referred to as colored tile machine. According to its molding method, cement tile machine can be divided into manual molding, vibration molding and compression molding. According to different production processes, it can be divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic.

The raw materials for making cement tiles are cement and sand. This must be available; 500 square meters of production space. No matter which type of cement tile machine is used, in addition to the forming equipment, necessary auxiliary equipment must be purchased, such as: feeder, mixer, coating equipment (air compressor), forklift, etc. Other equipment must be prepared: ceramic tiles (quantity can be determined according to production conditions), tile racks, color tile paint; oil, filter cloth and oil.

During the operation of the cement tile machine, attention should be paid to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine. The cement tile machine should be checked regularly for abnormalities and dealt with in time. Lubrication points, fasteners and other parts should be checked frequently. Clean the air filter, cooler and oil filter in the oil tank in time to keep the oil circuit open.

The advantages of the fully automatic large-scale cement tile machine are mainly reflected in:

1. Fast forming speed, large output and reliable performance. Using PLC automatic control, man-machine interface, more reliable performance, more convenient operation, full hydraulic and pneumatic, production speed can reach 4 pieces per minute, high output, high cost performance.

2. Use mortar concrete compression mold. The product has perfect structure, wide variety, high density, high strength and accurate size. It can meet the needs of various types of buildings and is an excellent product among concrete products.

3. The machine is multifunctional. This machine can produce various main bricks, long ridge bricks, long side bricks, long drain bricks, etc. by changing molds. At the same time, we can also produce all kinds of high-end large color floor tiles, such as large terrazzo tiles, washed tiles, stairs, concrete raised floors, etc.

From the point of view of automation, the large concrete colored brick and tile machines used to produce large cement bricks are divided into semi-automatic and fully automatic shapes, as well as cylindrical and square column shapes. Tens of thousands of fully automatic large concrete color tile machines mainly adopt advanced and efficient fully automatic numerical control technology. It integrates machine, electricity, liquid, gas and integrated control, and adds a remote control and diagnostic system that can travel thousands of miles. Data analysis of machine operations outside the machine makes it easier for customers to maintain equipment.