Cement tile machine features

- Jun 29, 2020-

Cement tile machine features:

1. The first large cement tile machine in China, leading the times and contributing to society.

2. High degree of automation, easy operation and high production efficiency.

3. Low cost, low labor intensity and low energy consumption.

4. Only 4-5 people are needed to operate the complete set of equipment.

5. Products: 1500-640mm; 1230-640mm; 1000-640mm; 940-640mm;

Its thickness can be adjusted arbitrarily.

6. The shape of the tile produced by the cement tile machine is accurate, the pattern is clear, the surface is smooth and half flat, and there are many colors. With a pressure of 1,000 tons, high strength, high density, and extremely low crushing rate, it is an ideal material for large-scale color tiles for urban and rural residents.

7. There is no need to hang nails for this big color tile. Because of its own weight, there are slopes and slopes that engage up, down, left, and right, so that the roof forms a tight whole, so that no hanging strips are needed.