Classification and product characteristics of cement brick machine.

- Apr 18, 2018-

       Cement brick making machine is the use of slag, slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, such as cement as raw materials, scientific formula, mixing of water, through the brick machinery to suppress the high-pressure cement block, hollow block, or color pavement brick machinery and equipment.

      According to the different classification factors, the cement brick machine can be divided into many types.

      According to the automation degree can be divided into: automatic cement brick machine, semi-automatic cement brick machine and manual cement brick machine.

      According to the forming principle, it is divided into: mechanical vibration type and hydraulic type.

      According to the molding system: mechanical cement brick machine and hydraulic cement brick machine.

      Cement brick machine is also called concrete brick machine is specialized in the production of brick masonry brick masonry.

      Product features:

(1) the strength can be constructed according to the requirements of the project to produce bricks with different levels of strength.

(2) the shape is determined according to the requirements of the project to determine the block bricks of different specifications.

(3) it can be hollow block, multi-row hole brick, solid brick and other different kinds of concrete bricks.

(4) the discarded concrete bricks can be recycled and utilized, and the comprehensive utilization of resources can be increased.