Cleaning method of block machine

- Aug 11, 2020-

Cleaning method of block machine


       A large amount of dust will appear in the production of the block machine, and the dust will fall into the block machine and cause the connection between the components to be not tight or increase the friction, which will affect the production efficiency of the block machine. Therefore, it is very important to clean the block machine dust in time. Gongyi Tonghui Machinery Co., Ltd. will explain the dust cleaning strategy of block machine in detail for you.

       In the spray cleaning, the cleaning fluid with constant pressure and temperature is sprayed onto the surface of the parts to clean the oil stains. This method has good cleaning effect and high production efficiency, but the equipment is complicated. It is suitable for cleaning the parts with less complicated shapes and serious grease stains on the surface.

       Scrub the fuselage, put the parts in a container filled with diesel, kerosene or other cleaning fluid, and wash with cotton yarn or brush with hair trees. This method is easy to operate, simple to prepare, but low in efficiency, and is used for small and medium-sized parts produced in a single piece and small batch. Generally, gasoline is not suitable for use because of its fat-dissolving property, which will damage the human body and easily cause fire.

       Wash the machine parts directly, you can use a brush to wash. Blowing parts, which is to place the parts to be cleaned on a cleaning basket or cleaning rack, immersed in the cleaning liquid, and blow by the cleaning machine to simulate the manual rinsing action, and is related to the chemical action of the cleaning liquid Cooperate to achieve the purpose of degreasing. Ultrasonic cleaning, which relies on the chemical action of the cleaning fluid and the ultrasonic vibration introduced into the cleaning fluid to achieve the purpose of contaminant.