Color tile machine hydraulic cylinder

- Jan 06, 2021-

Color tile machine hydraulic cylinder


1. Features

(1) Light weight, large tonnage and flexible movement.

(2) It has good operation ability.

(3) The high-pressure hose is connected with the thin top to realize remote operation.

2. Use skills

(1) Before use, check whether all parts of the hydraulic cylinder are normal.

(2) The center of gravity of the weight should be moderate, and the hydraulic cylinder should be selected reasonably. The bottom surface should be leveled. At the same time, the soft and hard conditions of the ground should be considered.

(3) When using the ultra-thin hydraulic cylinder, first connect the quick connector of the hand pump with the top, then select the position, and tighten the oil drain screw on the oil pump to work. To lower the piston rod, loosen the hand wheel of the manual oil pump slightly in a counterclockwise direction, unload the oil cylinder, and the piston rod will gradually descend. Otherwise, the falling speed will be dangerous.

(4) After the hydraulic cylinder lifts the heavy object, the support should be used to support the heavy object in time. It is forbidden to use the ultra-thin hydraulic cylinder as a support.

(5) When using hydraulic cylinders, users should strictly abide by the regulations in the main parameters and avoid super-high and overloading. Otherwise, when the lifting height or lifting tonnage exceeds the regulations, serious oil leakage will occur at the top of the cylinder.

3. Safety tips

If the user needs to lift several hydraulic cylinders at the same time, in addition to the correct placement of the ultra-thin hydraulic cylinders, a multi-top diverter valve should be used, and the load of each hydraulic cylinder should be balanced, paying attention to keeping the lifting speed synchronized. It must also be considered that the ground may sink due to uneven weight to prevent the weight being lifted from tilting and causing danger.