Color tile machine manufacturers

- Dec 12, 2020-

Color tile machine manufacturers


Molded colored tile machine is a kind of professional tile-making equipment that uses professional advanced technology to process low-cost raw materials such as cement and sand, and uses a special mold to press about 1,000 tons of pressure to form a professional tile-making equipment. Molded colored tile machine is a new type of colored tile machine after the extrusion molding colored tile machine and the rolling tile machine. At present, the molded color tile machine adopts PCL computer fully automatic control, fool-like operation, simple and easy to operate, suitable for various entrepreneurial groups. Since the birth of the color tile machine, there have been roller presses, extruded tile machines, and the current molded color tile machine. The production of molded color tile machine refers to the ratio of the raw material cement sand according to the ratio of 1:1.5, the raw material is sent to the mixer through the bucket elevator for raw material mixing, and then the raw material enters the quantitative analysis, and the concrete is uniformly fed to The main unit of the color tile machine is also what we often call the molded color tile machine mold. Under the force of the hydraulic cylinder and the mold, the cement tile product is made, after drying and maintaining, and then painting and painting, and then can be sold at the factory.

The characteristics of the molded color tile machine: unique appearance design, multi-functional hydraulic forming, humanized interface operation, advanced and reasonable layout, filling the domestic gap; the product density is high, the strength is high, the variety is large, and the mold can be changed to produce a variety of Such high-quality tiles are the best among concrete products. One machine with multiple functions, fast keys for switching between tiles, fool-like operation, low power consumption, and numerical control molding. It adopts original imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid and gas, integrated control and fully automatic control. The positioning of the "guide sleeve" of the traditional molding machine is changed to the "four-pole" precise positioning. The performance of the whole machine is more stable and reliable, and the productivity and yield rate are higher, exceeding the level of similar foreign products. Compared with ordinary molded color tile forming unit: high technical content, fast speed, high output (single shift output increased by 80%), high product efficiency, and good market prospects.

The composition of the molded color tile machine: a host of the molded color tile machine, wheel mixer, quantitative feeder, bucket elevator, steel tile holder and mold.

Molded cement colored tiles production process: colored tiles do not use clay, do not need to be sintered, protect arable land, save energy and reduce environmental pollution.

The advantages of the molded color tile machine: 1. The best waterproof performance 2. The highest compression performance 3. The most convenient construction performance 4. The highest wind resistance performance 5. The best thermal insulation performance 6. Super freezing resistance performance 7. Anti-permeability performance The most complete.

The prospect value of the molded color tile machine: it can enter the market when it is put into normal production. The target sales customer group is wide (there is a demand for tiles when building a house), and everyone can become their own sales target and easily win the market. Market feasibility of color tile equipment. No risk, continuous production, high feasibility to open the market. Color tile is a national development project, environmental protection, low cost, fully conserving national and local resources, the color tile market, the tile is available. The market prospects are impressive.

The cost of color tile equipment is low and the income is feasible: the cost is about 1 yuan per piece (including labor, raw materials, taxes, depreciation, consumption, etc.). The price of cement color tile is 2-3 yuan, and the selling price is slightly different in different regions.