Composition and daily maintenance of raw materials in cement brick production.

- Apr 08, 2018-

       In the production of cement brick machine, its materials consist of cement, fly ash and sand. The use of fly ash in cement brick industrial production is not burning carbon. Fly ash cement mixing materials, production of low-temperature synthesis of fly ash cement, production principle is the first batch of steam curing generate natural gas hydrates, and then by the dehydration and low temperature solid phase reaction to form cement minerals; Production of fly ash cement clinker, including pure fly ash cement, lime fly ash cement and lime fly ash cement is to dry fly ash mixed with 10% - 30% of lime or lime mixed with a small amount of gypsum powder grinding, or mill respectively after mixing the water rigid gelled material made of. Fly ash cement hydration heat low, anti - permeability and anti - crack good characteristics of the erosion and water erosion have good resistance.

       Fly ash concrete performance of fly ash mortar or concrete admixture, adding fly ash to replace partial cement in concrete or fine aggregate, can not only reduce cost, but also can improve the workability of concrete, improve impervious, carbamate, sulfate resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, reduce the hydration heat, improving the high temperature resistant performance of concrete, reduce particle separation and drainage phenomenon, reduce the shrinkage and cracking of concrete, and inhibition of stray current corrosion of steel bar in concrete. So, the raw material composition of cement brick machine, the contribution to the construction industry is very big.

      The life of the cement brick machine is determined by daily maintenance.

 1. Pay attention to whether there are signs of loosening of the floor nut of the cement brick machine.

 2. Daily attention should be paid to cleaning the debris or dust in the main peripheral area of the mould hydraulic cylinder on the cement brick machine, so as to keep clean.

 3. Check whether there is any change in the position of the upper and lower mold near the switch, the firmness of the limit block and timely adjustment.

 4. The debris in the grooves of the shingle plate in the cement brick machine should be cleaned regularly and kept clean.

 5. The upper die synchronous bearing gland and gear are loose, should be checked regularly.