Concrete roof tile will be more popular in the future

- Dec 27, 2017-

Pressed type concrete roof tile is a new type of concrete roofing covering material with high-grade decorative effect in the building material industry at present. It has been widely used at home and abroad. Because of the waterproof, windproof, anti-leakage and frost-resistant properties of cement tile, Speed, low property management costs, moderate product prices, combined with the appearance and inherent quality is superior to the extruded cement tile, glazed tile, and clay tile, so the product is to adapt to the national wall reform policies to protect land resources and protect the environment The new recommended products, its sales prospects are very good.

       The characteristics of the cement tile: Cement tile has the advantages of large density, high strength, light weight, reasonable wattage and other changes, completely changed the traditional use of dry hard concrete by rolling the rough, low strength, tile monotonous shortcomings , It has a unique waterproof structure, high strength, beautiful appearance and so on. Pressed type cement roof tile with convenient construction, the use of up and down bite slope and slope, the roof to form a close whole, with superb wind resistance and good heat insulation, investment inefficient and quick.