Features of block making machine

- Jul 29, 2020-

Features of block making machine

1. One machine can produce multiple specifications of non-burning bricks, and all that needs to be changed is to change the mold for producing the bricks.

2. The processes of blanking, forming, exporting, etc. are all controlled by a pneumatic drive PC program, and you can choose to work automatically or manually. Make the use of the equipment more convenient and flexible, safe and stable in operation, and easy to maintain and repair.

3. The average output of the equipment can reach 26 blocks of standard bricks every 25 seconds, 3744 blocks per hour; 12 blocks of perforated bricks every 25 seconds, 1728 blocks per hour; 4 blocks of standard blocks every 25 seconds, can be produced per hour With a high production efficiency of 576 blocks, the actual production volume can be appropriately adjusted during design and production according to customer needs, so as to produce a customized block forming machine that fully meets customer needs.

4. In terms of core components, we strictly control the quality and make high-quality products with precision to extend the service life of the equipment.

5. The equipment has strong excitation force, and the strength can reach 2.5~15MPa under ordinary mixing ratio conditions, ensuring the production of qualified bricks.

6. The double-rod guiding method and the well-fitted super-long guide sleeve ensure the precise operation of the indenter and the mold. The base and key parts are integrally cast, and the outer frame is made of thick-walled super-strength steel and special welding technology.