Features of Hangzhou Weixing Cement Tile Machine

- Feb 24, 2021-

Features of Hangzhou Weixing Cement Tile Machine:

1. The cement tile machine is hydraulically driven and can stack 3 to 4 layers after forming. The forming cycle only takes 15 to 20 seconds. After 12 hours of forming, it can leave the bottom plate for stacking.

2. The control system adopts PLC (industrial computer), which is simple and convenient, so as to ensure that the machine achieves the best working effect, and ensures high efficiency and high output.

3. High safety performance, the body is made of super-strong steel and special welding technology, and it will not be corroded if it is in humid weather for a long time in time.

4. There are many kinds of products. This machine is not only used to produce cement bricks, but also suitable for the production of fly ash, slag, slag and other material bricks. Different molds can be installed to produce different wall materials.