Four major steps to extend the service life of hollow block machine

- Nov 07, 2020-

Four major steps to extend the service life of hollow block machine

Hollow block brick machine is the equipment for the production of building bricks. Every producer hopes that the equipment can run for a long time and create more value. However, in the production of the equipment itself, the wear and tear of the machine will be reduced. How to increase the life span of the machine is a very serious issue. This requires that you choose high-quality products when buying the machine. This will provide related after-sales service for problems in production, which is also beneficial to production. .


The first step: In production, the operator must strictly follow the operating requirements of the hollow block brick machine, and there must be no violations, and the production technology of the machine must be proficient.


Step 2: When the hollow block machine is used for a long time, the hydraulic pump station will produce certain accumulations. The composition of these accumulations is directly related to the hydraulic oil of the hydraulic block machine, because the hydraulic oil itself is rich in colloids , Impurities, or dust and impurities brought in during storage and transportation. Long-term accumulation will form deposits similar to sludge in the oil tank and oil inlet pipe of the hydraulic pump station of the hollow block brick machine, so it must be carried out after production. Clean up to ensure that the machine is clean for the next use.


The third step: In the daily production, the hollow block brick machine equipment is regularly inspected, and the worn parts should be replaced in time.


Step 4: The quality and cleanliness of the hydraulic oil of the hollow block machine will affect the reliability of the hydraulic system of the finished product. It is an important performance that determines the efficiency and life of the equipment. It is necessary to use it in the Grinding hydraulic oil, so that the equipment system will add corresponding wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and improve its service life.