Hollow brick machine how frequently and "environmental pollution" gossip?

- Mar 16, 2016-

According to the survey, only a community day will produce thousands of tons of construction waste, construction waste can be turned into a renewable resource, is the circular economy to solve the problem. So Henan power road and bridge Engineering Corporation developed a hollow brick, hollow brick machine, one was published has attracted widespread attention, very good reputation on the market, but there are still some combination of environmental pollution and hollow brick.

Hangzhou weixing building material machinery limited production of Hollow bricks without sintering machine products, nature conservation, steam curing at room temperature can be. The device is finished baking-free brick production by green building material requirements consistent with national provisions, radioactive level is low, the National Ministry of health measurement of relevant experts in the field, below the national indoor environmental standards more than 98%, is our key development projects for the 21st century, but also waste comprehensive utilization, eliminate pollution, saves land resources, promoting urban and rural labor employment, who made the ideal equipment.