How does household ceramic tile maintain at ordinary times?

- Apr 10, 2018-

White ceramic tile is used in the home, excuse me how to maintain at ordinary times, need not need waxing, have special maintenance ceramic tile wax or material?

Regular maintenance

1. Polishing brick should be waxed regularly once every 3 months. The gap between brick and brick does not regularly use decontamination paste to clean, and then use the brush to brush a layer of waterproof agent in the gap, can prevent mold to grow.

2. Daily cleaning of ceramic tiles can be used to clean the ceramic tile with a mixture of detergent, soap and a little ammonia and turpentine, which can make the tile cleaner and brighter.

3. If there is tea, coffee, beer, ice cream, grease and other available hydrogen peroxide or potassium bicarbonate solution to be cleaned in time.

4. The dilute solution of hydrochloric acid and nitric acid can be used for pollutants such as ink and cement.

5. If there is paint, paint and other pollutants, it is better to use special cleaner.

6. If there is a slight scratch on the surface of the tile, apply toothpaste to the scratches and wipe it with a soft dry cloth.