How to choose a qualified block machine

- Jul 29, 2020-

How to choose a qualified block machine

1. Buying block machines is for quality, not price. Some companies are not well-known because they have just started production, but the quality is not necessarily bad. Some large companies may start to cut corners secretly because of their reputation, which is normal. phenomenon.

2. It depends on the strength of the manufacturer that provides the block machine equipment. On the one hand, it refers to the manufacturer’s production capacity and scale. On the other hand, it depends on whether there are a large number of successful cases for reference. It is necessary to personally visit the manufacturer’s production phenomenon and observe the production process. And the process.

3. If there is a production site, it is better to visit the site. Generally, large block machines will have tracking services, usually for a one-year period. This can be requested from the factory.

4. Visit a few more manufacturers, don't make blind investment, and make a decision after shopping around. It is better to find someone who understands and is familiar with block machines to buy together.