How to effectively prevent the cement tile machine from being contaminated

- Dec 02, 2020-

How to effectively prevent the cement tile machine from being contaminated


    If the hydraulic oil of the cement tile machine is contaminated, it will be very harmful to the hydraulic system, which can cause the entire hydraulic system to fail to work, so we must do a good job in preventing the pollution of the hydraulic oil. The source of hydraulic oil contamination must be known to prevent it.

Pollutants produced by hydraulic systems: particles generated by the wear of components during the operation of the system, sand particles falling off from castings, metal particles falling off from pumps, valves and joints, and rust and flaking materials in the pipeline are oxidized by the oil And the particles and jelly produced by decomposition. To prevent external intrusion, mainly sand or dust in the atmosphere, usually enter the system through the air holes of the fuel tank, the sealing shaft of the oil cylinder, the shaft of the pump and the motor.

Internal pollutants: refers to the residual pollutants in the components during processing, assembly, debugging, packaging, storage, transportation and installation. Of course, these processes are unavoidable, but they can be minimized. Some special components are assembled and The debugging needs to be carried out in a clean room or clean bench environment.

Therefore, we should clean the oil tank, oil pipes, joints, etc. of the hydraulic system, and install an oil filter in the oil circuit. At the same time, we should also do a good job of maintaining the hydraulic system of the block machine. Check and replace the oil at most three months The inlet oil filter of the oil pump should be flushed regularly to repair the leakage in the system.