How to maintain the ceramic tile processing equipment?

- Apr 14, 2018-

In recent years, the ceramic tile industry develops rapidly, the ceramic tile processing equipment has the characteristics of high precision, speed and high adaptability, and also has the advantages of narrow cutting, flexible processing and small thermal effect. It has become one of the key technologies in developing new industries and improving traditional manufacturing industry.

Once a week, vacuum cleaners are used to vacuum the dust and dirt in the machine, and all electrical cabinets should be shut down to prevent dust.

Check the straightness of the track and the verticality of the machine every six months and find abnormal and timely maintenance and debugging. If you don't do this, you're not going to be able to cut it well, it's going to increase, it's going to affect the quality of the cut. This is a top priority and must be done.

Always check the belt of tile cutting machine, guarantee to tighten. Otherwise, there is a problem in the operation, it may hurt people, the belt looks like a small thing, the problem is still a little serious.

All guide rails should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and other sundries, and ensure that the equipment is regularly cleaned and lubricated to ensure lubrication without sundries. Guide to regular cleaning and lubricating oil, and the motor is always clean and grease, machine in March will be better and more accurate cutting, cutting out the product quality will be improved.