How to make the bricks of the adobe building?

- Jul 05, 2019-

Method/step 1:Take the clay and put it into the blender. Before this, sundry the sundries on the way so as not to affect the quality of the bricks. When mixing, water will be added. Increase adhesion of soil.Method/step 2:Before the stirred clay is put into the extruder, a hand will be given to measure the amount of water in the clay and its degree of polymerization. A water pipe will be set up to decide whether to add water or not based on real-time observation. This is very important.Method/step 3:Clay is pressed into cuboids by an extruder, transported through a conveyor belt, and cut into bricks like a cake. The machines cut about 15 bricks in a row. Then is pushed to the front of the wood, next to the two master will waiting in front of the board and the tile is carried to the flat car, again by the other teacher specialized platform car to adobe place will adobe unified pattern, the pattern for dry (a master is to pull the flat car at the time, this car is very difficult to control, slightly do not pay attention to is overturned, when grade one of junior middle school, just go to the first day of overturned several times)Method/step 4:After the bricks are dried, they will be stronger and harder. (it is not easy here, you have to use grass curtain to cover the bricks in rainy days, and the bricks poured by heavy rain can't be used basically.) the places where the bricks are put are called "hang" in our dialect at that time.Method/step 5:After a period of drying, the bricks are fired in a kiln at temperatures between 950 and 1100 degrees Celsius. (after successful firing, the master who took bricks out was very hard, hot and stuffy, and the corresponding remuneration was also high. At that time, I was about 2008, in rural areas, pulling carts cost about 20 yuan a day, and the master who took bricks cost about 30 yuan.)