How to save raw materials for cement tile machine

- Mar 04, 2021-

Everyone knows that the cement tile machine is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving construction equipment, but if you can master the proportion of cement tile raw materials, you can save a lot of raw materials, and the cement tile produced is strong and durable.

    How about mastering the proportion of ingredients and mixing time? We at Yufeng will help you answer this question based on years of experience.

    Mixing time: Long mixing time can mix the materials evenly. The mixing time is about 15 minutes. It is advisable that the materials do not agglomerate and do not spread out by hand. Then the mixed materials should be stored for about 20 minutes as much as possible. Long or too short will reduce the compressive capacity of cement tiles.

    The mix of raw materials for cement tiles produced by the non-burning tile machine: mix with 10% 425# ordinary Portland cement, which can improve the strength and water resistance of the tiles, and will not crack after being immersed in water. Mix with 70% of stone powder, and then mix A predetermined amount of clay is mixed with a small amount of additives (strengthening agent). In addition to improving the hardening strength of the tile, it can also reduce the amount of cement and reduce the cost of the product. If the water consumption is appropriate, the strength of the tile will be high, and the formed water will be less. The strength is poor, the resistance of the material in the mold is large, single-sided pressure, the bottom of the tile is not dense, the molding water is too much, the bottom is wet, and it is easy to be damaged when it is ejected from the mold.

    The cement tile produced by the fully automatic hydraulic tile machine has high strength, good durability, uniform size, and no pollution. It is an inevitable trend to replace clay tiles.