Pavement permeable brick machine should be maintained regularly

- Nov 24, 2020-

Pavement permeable brick machine should be maintained regularly


      When producing machinery and equipment, oil is essential. Some people may ask, what's the use of engine oil? The oil has the effects of smoothing, cooling, and cleaning in all aspects of equipment operation, bearing rolling, connection activities, and gear rolling. Regarding various mechanical equipment, the importance of oil is obvious.



  The oil temperature should not be too high during the operation of the machinery and equipment. Over time, the motor will be burned or related parts damaged, so how to avoid the high oil temperature? After consulting professional and technical personnel, I took the pavement permeable brick machine as an example, and summarized the following more useful methods for friends for reference.



  Punctuality, pay attention to adhere to the proper oil level in the fuel tank, so that the oil in the system has a satisfactory circulating cooling condition. Correctly select the viscosity of the oil used in the system. If the viscosity is too high, it will increase the energy lost when the oil is active: if the viscosity is too low, the leakage will increase, and both will increase the oil temperature. When the oil decays, the volumetric power of the non-burning brick machine will be reduced, and the oil film between the relative moving surfaces will be damaged, which will increase the resistance and increase the conflict loss. These will cause the oil to heat up, so it is necessary to always keep the oil clean. , And replace the oil in time.



   It is necessary to unload the equipment when the mechanical equipment is stopped and not working, so as to facilitate the adjustment of the precision coefficients of the supporting equipment of the mechanical equipment. Always pay attention to insist that the water volume in the cooler is sufficient, and each tubing is smooth. The pavement permeable brick machine is a new type of non-burning brick machine developed through years of research and innovation, and it is also an intelligent mechanical equipment. Now, because of the outstanding energy saving, environmental protection and solid waste resource regeneration of the road permeable brick machine, it is more and more widely used. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the above points in daily production, operation, repair and inspection of the pavement permeable brick machine.