Requirements of cement block machine at work

- Oct 13, 2020-

Requirements of cement block machine at work


1. The capacity of the hopper should not be less than 1.3 times the amount required for each molding cycle, and the material supply is even, and there is no phenomenon of spilling or scattering.

2. When the concrete block machine is in vibration operation, the pressure value of the pressure head on the upper surface of the block should be greater than 0.02MPa (the pressure value includes dynamic pressure and static pressure).

3. The vibration forming part and the frame have good vibration isolation facilities, and the frame amplitude should meet the GB standard. Accelerator >8g ≤8g. The frame amplitude is 0.10Ap 0.25Ap.

4. The temperature rise of the vibration motor does not exceed 80 degrees.

5. For the dual-axis self-synchronous directional vibration system, the speed difference between the two motors should be less than 0.2% of the rated speed.

6. When the guide column span is greater than 800mm, a synchronization mechanism should be set to force synchronization.

7. When the cement block machine is in operation, the actions of feeding, pressurizing, demoulding, and moving blanks (send to the bottom plate) should be flexible and reliable in positioning. For block machines with automatic or semi-automatic control, interlocking and interlocking devices shall be provided.