Several factors affecting the quality of cement tiles

- Dec 13, 2017-

In the production of cement tile, the following aspects can affect its quality

1, cement tile production process is different, its product quality is different also, under normal circumstances of rolling process can be made with perfect color cement tile, has an advantage in color, and intensity than moulded cement tile.

2. The raw materials for the production of cement tiles directly affect the quality of the cement tiles, and the cement tiles shall be made of more than 425 grade cement, and the quality river sand is better than the yellow sand.

3. The appearance of the material is influenced by the material, and the proportion of water ash is not suitable. The tiles can easily appear bubbles, cracks and even influence the strength of the tiles.


4. Advanced production equipment is also one of the main factors to ensure the quality of cement tiles.

5. Timely maintenance of equipment mould. If the mold is not properly maintained regularly, the cement tiles produced will be deformed and crack.

6. The color processing technology, recommend the traditional manual spraying, which can ensure the spraying quantity of the colored tiles to meet the demand. The amount of spraying is too little, which seriously affects the color retention ability of cement tiles and visual aesthetic perception.

7. Adequate maintenance is one of the main factors to ensure the strength of cement tiles. At least 15 days of normal           outdoor maintenance, if no urgent supply is required, the general maintenance of 30 days is preferred.