Summary of the difference between environmental protection color bricks and permeable bricks

- Oct 19, 2020-

Summary of the difference between environmental protection color bricks and permeable bricks

   1. Overall difference

       Cement bricks (environmental colored bricks) are made of gravel rice, medium-coarse sand, and high-grade cement. They use high-frequency vibration and high-pressure forming methods to produce steam-free and non-burning, one-time forming pavement bricks. The lock is integrated with green and environmental protection, the brick surface is easy to color, the color is bright, there are a variety of color options, and it is durable. Environmentally-friendly colored bricks have a certain water seepage effect. Rainwater mainly penetrates the bottom of the brick slowly through the brick surface. The water diversion line planning around the brick body below the brick surface can quickly divert water to the underground. Although the water permeability of environmentally friendly colored bricks is not as good as that of sand-based water-permeable bricks, they are also called water-permeable environmentally friendly colored bricks in the industry because of their high cost performance and certain water permeability.

      Permeable bricks are divided from materials, and many kinds of permeable bricks can be distributed. Different materials affect their water permeability, but the water permeability is generally stronger than that of environmentally friendly colored bricks. Rainwater penetrates through the brick surface and quickly penetrates to the ground without forming water accumulation. It speeds up the circulation of urban ground water and is the first choice for sponge cities.

       2. Data differences

      1. The surface layer of permeable bricks chooses gravel rice with fast water seepage, while the general color bricks use river sand, whose water seepage effect is lower than that of gravel rice.

2. The bottom layer of permeable bricks is guamite, which has a higher water permeability than general stone powder used in color bricks.

3. The laying of permeable bricks and environmentally-friendly colored bricks is a necessary part of the garden scene. Their essential difference is only water permeability, and their laying effects are the same, which does not affect their aesthetic effect in the garden and street scenes.