The design structure characteristics of the brick - free brick machine are reviewed.

- Apr 26, 2018-

1. Non-burning brick-making machine hydraulic and vibration, up and down vibration, double cylinder adding force. ; Reach the product density high, anti - pressure high, the inside of brick does not show honeycomb.

2. The board machine is the crank connecting rod and the feed plate and the brick; The finished block brick has high yield and is not easy to break.

3. Concrete free brick machine plus large oil station, built-in strong type cooler. ; Reach the hydraulic oil cooling fast, extend the service life of hydraulic components, ensure the stability of production in high temperature.

4. The adjustable control electric cabinet of concrete block machine adopts automatic and manual two electric plates to combine into one cabinet technology; To achieve automatic panels in production under the condition of sudden fault, immediately knob to manual panels, production can be carried out, still aims at boot after non-stop, guarantee the normalization of production, in order to improve work efficiency.

5. Feeding of special feeder; To achieve different materials for different bricks, keep the strength of brick, uniform density, uniform appearance, and improve the efficiency.

6. The control cabinet is loaded with frequency converter; The excitation is accelerated in an instant, and the explosive force is strong, so as to increase the density of brickwork brick.

7. Yq10-15 concrete free brick machine mold replacement is convenient and quick, accurate positioning, no need to proofread, save time and effort.

8. It is equipped with electronic gradation feeder, hydraulic automatic landing machine, etc., which can be used for automatic production of the whole process.