The finished product produced by the cement tile machine has the effect of energy saving and emission reduction

- Dec 02, 2020-

The finished product produced by the cement tile machine has the effect of energy saving and emission reduction


  With the rapid development of science and technology, the construction field has made it clear that a resource-saving and environment-friendly new industrialization path must be taken. At present, my country has initially established a building energy-saving design standard system aimed at energy-saving. For building energy-saving, the most critical link is the use and promotion of new energy-saving building materials and equipment.

Cement tiles produced by cement tile machines are different from traditional bricks and tiles. They are a new type of energy-saving building materials. The scope of new building materials is clearly defined in the industry. New building materials mainly include new wall materials and new waterproof sealing materials. , Four categories of new thermal insulation materials and decoration materials. The cement tile machine has low energy consumption in production, and has significant energy-saving effects in use. It also has soil saving, land saving, environmental protection, waste utilization, heat insulation, heat preservation, fire protection, light weight, reduced transportation costs, convenient construction, and low cost. Features.

   my country’s future development direction is to take the road of sustainable development, and the development of energy-saving and green buildings is an urgent task. The development of the construction industry, especially the development of building energy efficiency, needs the support of the building materials industry. For this reason, in the context of energy saving and emission reduction, the construction industry has a major demand for the development of the building materials industry, including new wall materials that meet the requirements of building energy saving, green fireproof and durable composite thermal insulation wall structure system, and residential industrialized material parts Technology and functional integration. my country's building materials industry has become an important raw material and product industry with complete categories, large scale, complete systems, strong product supporting capabilities, and obvious international competitiveness, and it has occupied a pivotal position in the international market. With the widespread promotion of energy-saving buildings, the society has put forward new requirements for the building materials industry, and the market has higher and higher requirements for energy saving, consumption reduction, and environmental protection indicators for building materials products. New energy-saving building materials conform to the development of energy saving and environmental protection. Become a hot product.

   New energy-saving building materials are gradually increasing in the market, and the prospects of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products in the broad market of the building materials industry are promising. Product sales are also rising, and are gradually being favored by consumers. Although, the current development of the new building materials industry has encountered two major bottlenecks. On the one hand, due to cost and market constraints, on the other hand, due to technical barriers, there are also problems such as imperfect incentive supporting policies. But when the low-carbon era is coming, new energy-saving building materials are products that cater to the market development trend, and energy-saving and environmentally-friendly products will also become the future development trend of the building materials industry.