The maintenance of kitchen tile.

- Apr 13, 2018-

At present, the choice of ceramic tile material in family kitchen is varied, divide into glaze brick, general body brick, polishing brick, vitreous brick, Mosaic and so on a few kinds. In the functional space of the whole area of the whole area such as kitchen, the first choice is smooth or matte glaze brick, clean rise very convenient, still can make "vogue" effect.

1. Especially for the kitchen with smaller area, the plastic space is limited, so the small ceramic tiles of 5 to 13 centimeters are decorated with a great effect. Usually, light color ceramic tile is helpful to enlarge people's vision space, reflect also can increase the brightness of small area space. We can choose the white system that is always popular, also can favor the flower that is cool and tonal such as light green, sky blue, light purple is decorated ceramic tile.

2. Not only is to dress up the kitchen accessories, ceramic tile is tightly connected with living space is a big expression of living quality, choose the ceramic tile of healthy environmental protection is extinction threat to the life of all kinds of toxic materials and gases.

3.Light color ceramic tile is easy to be dirty, undesirable appearance is also a problem that many families have a headache. In fact, the maintenance of ceramic tile is to regularly beat wax and have target to wash. Generally speaking, two to three months should be used to polish the polished tiles regularly; Household cleaning agent and soapy water can be used in daily cleaning; But the oil and beer, wine need alkaline cleaner; Should be cleaned immediately with strong dyeing liquid such as strong tea or ink; Regular use of soap and a little ammonia or an equal amount of flaxseed oil and pine oil mixture, can increase the luster of ceramic tiles; Once the scratch occurs, wipe it gently with toothpaste.