The production efficiency of the finished cement color tile machine is high.

- Dec 29, 2020-

The production efficiency of the finished cement color tile machine is high.

Our cement tile machine uses the advanced technology currently on the market, and the mold is professionally produced, which is not only convenient but can be used for a long time. The equipment is powerful and equipped with various molds. In addition to producing cement tiles, it can also produce floor tiles. The use of program operation greatly reduces the difficulty of operation and improves the safety production efficiency of the equipment.

Spring and summer are also rainy seasons. Our colorful tile equipment is well placed indoors, which can effectively guarantee the service life of the equipment. If it is outdoors, then we need to strengthen the safety and maintenance of the color brick machine. Once it rains and winds, we need to cover the colorful tile equipment in advance to prevent rainwater from entering the equipment. In actual production, the production safety of the color tile machine must be guaranteed, which is very important for the daily operation of the enterprise.

Features of Changtong Cement Color Tile Machine:

1. Using PLC automatic control, stable and reliable, high efficiency and high yield;

2. Using compression molding, the product structure is perfect, and there are many varieties, which can meet the needs of various houses;

3. Low investment, excellent performance, high-end products and broad market prospects.

product features

1. Good decoration and rich colors.

2. High strength, light weight, low energy consumption, large single chip area and high coverage.

3. Good heat insulation.

4. Resistance to acid rain and weathering. It has excellent weather resistance and a service life of more than 80 years.

5. Good waterproof performance. It has good waterproof and anti-seepage functions, and overcomes the penetration of flat roofs.

6. There are many kinds and various forms.

7. Wide range of applications. It is widely used in urban "flat slope" projects, "small town urbanization" projects, "residential" projects, old city reconstruction, new villas, residential buildings, restaurants, office buildings, factory buildings, private residences and other construction projects. The decoration is two.

At present, the price of high-quality housing in China is prohibitive. However, according to foreign experience, green buildings should be cheaper than ordinary buildings. From the perspective of comprehensive ecological benefits and living comfort, green buildings are also more competitive. However, some builders, developers and local governments are paying more attention to their economic interests. This is a problem that must be solved in the development of green buildings and high-quality housing in China.

The main raw materials of our colorful tile machine are cement, yellow sand and inorganic iron oxide pigments. In addition, waste materials such as fly ash and slag can be used as auxiliary materials. The colorful tiles we produce can not only save energy and waste, save land, and improve the performance of buildings, but also for green buildings, the colors are bright and diverse, which are loved by people. We believe that there are colored tiles in high-quality houses, so there is no need to worry about the market for colored concrete tiles.