The quality, dosage and raw material handling should be paid attention to in the production of cement brick.

- Apr 24, 2018-

Different products and production technology of ash quality, content and processing requirements are different, the current users are buying cement block machine equipment is attaches great importance to the forming performance of the host and cement block machine price, not focus on quality of slag, the content and materials processing. For example, the commercial concrete maternity leave fly ash can be mixed with grade 1 or grade 2 ash, which should not be mixed with ash or wet ash. The concrete block or concrete brick produced by vibration moulding should not be too high in fly ash content, otherwise it is easy to produce mixed material to stratify or crack. The coal gangue porous brick has strict requirements for the fine particle size and particle grading, so it is very important to deal with the performance requirements of the cement brick equipment. And forming technology of fly ash brick and lax to fineness requirement, instead of raw materials mixing uniformity is important, therefore the stirring wheel grinding equipment, should be paid great attention to the performance requirements, we according to the development or production process must be fully taken into account when matching technology and equipment, product quality and performance to ensure wall materials.