The use of cement brick machine to produce pallets

- Aug 11, 2020-

The use of cement brick machine to produce pallets

        There are many pallet manufacturers, and the quality is very good. However, due to the huge vibration and hydraulic pressure during the production of cement brick machines, many users’ pallets are not durable and require a large amount of pallet consumption, and this cost It is also not a small cost loss. How to solve the problem of pallet consumption is an urgent need for many users to know.

        Many pallet manufacturers use plastic, high-density bamboo boards and other raw materials to make pallets. Not only are they wear-resistant, compressive, and stable in quality, but they can also reduce loss during handling. This is a normal way of damage. It would be even better if a forklift is used for transportation.

        Another part of the pallet is that when production is under the mold, a large part of the pressure is applied to the pallet when the mold is mechanically vibrated to screen the raw materials and molding. Therefore, if the humidity of the raw material is too high, it will Some wood-based pallets will cause great damage. The humidity of the raw materials must be controlled to a certain level to minimize the water soaking on the pallets.

        The role and existence of the pallet in the production process of the cement brick machine is indispensable. It saves labor and increases the output from the role of the pallet. Therefore, the pallet must be properly maintained and not exposed to the sun after immersion. It cannot be damaged arbitrarily.