Type of tile machine

- Jun 20, 2020-

Cement color tile editing machine

Ratio of raw materials: cement 1: Medium sand 2.5: coal ash 0.5 (with or without)

Process flow: raw materials → bucket elevator → wheel roller mixer → quantitative feeding mixer → moulded color tile molding machine → cement tile curing tray → curing tray trolley → curing → manual manual spraying machine or automatic spraying → finished products

1. Fast molding speed, large output, PLC programmable controller is adopted, automatic control, man-machine interface, more reliable performance. Easy to operate. Full hydraulic pneumatic, production speed up to 8 pieces/min, high yield, more cost-effective.

2, the use of mortar concrete through pressure filter molding, product structure is perfect, variety, high density, high strength, precise size, can meet the needs of all kinds of buildings, is the quality of concrete products.

3, a multi-purpose machine. This machine can produce all kinds of main tile, ridge tile, edge tile, drain tile and so on by changing the mold, and can also produce all kinds of high-grade color floor tile, such as terrazzo tile, polished shot peening floor tile, washed floor tile, etc.

Clay tile editing machine

Automatic hydraulic tile making machine USES crushed shale, clay and gangue as raw materials and realizes automatic pressing of brick and tile through program controller. It is an ideal molding equipment for ancient and civil brick and tile enterprises and glazed tile factories.


1. The total power of the machine is 7.75KW, saving power;

2, the whole production process - from into raw materials, to send, by program control, automatic molding brick, tile, without manual operation, only need to staff will be automatically sent to pick up on the stage of brick, tile can be removed, no longer need to remove tile, tile die solved the tile press crushed operators of fingers, safe and worry;

3, the production is more than twice as high as the general tile press. If pressed flat tile, can produce 1500 pieces or so per hour, so, efficient;

4. Automatically apply stripper oil to save oil;

5. No manual repair is required for the tile billet, which is directly put on shelves without wattle, saving money;

6. Machine production, one person cutting materials, two people picking blanks, less manpower, low labor intensity, labor saving;

7. Press bricks and tiles to reduce the drying sensitivity of the blank body, reduce the loss of product rupture, and increase economic benefits;

8, tile products, smooth, bright, beautiful generous, popular users, more money;

9, replace the corresponding mold, can produce different varieties, specifications of bricks and tiles, such as: square brick, face brick, ancient building brick, flat tile, hanging tile, botile, board tile, drum tile, three curved tile, ridge tile, groove tile, etc., to achieve multi-function. What the market needs users to do what, not afraid of big market changes, strong ability to resist risks.


Power: 7.75 Kw

Theoretical class yield:

370×242×13 square watts 12000 tablets

Φ 120 * 9 * 200 + 30 pantile 22000 pieces

400×400×60 square bricks 4000 pieces

Full automatic color tile editing machine

1, the automatic color tile machine less investment, fast speed, high output, compared with ordinary molding color tile molding machine: high technical content, fast speed, high output, high product benefit, good market prospect.

2, automatic color tile machine adopts imported advanced parts, optimized configuration. Adopt original imported PC, machine, electricity, liquid, gas, integrated control, automatic control. The positioning of "guide sleeve" of the traditional mould press is changed into "four-pole" precise positioning, which makes the performance of the whole machine more stable and reliable, with higher productivity and yield, which exceeds the level of similar foreign products.

3, automatic color tile machine the latest type of equipment, advanced and efficient, the new generation of equipment added remote control, diagnosis system, can be thousands of miles away to the operation of the data analysis, so that the customer maintenance of equipment becomes easier.

4, automatic color tile machine a machine multi-purpose, tile mode switch fast, foolproof operation, low power consumption, CNC molding. Unique appearance design, multi-function hydraulic forming, humanized interface operation, product density, high strength, variety, replacement mold can produce a variety of boutique tile, is the boutique of concrete products.