Use and maintenance of Hollow bricks

- Mar 16, 2016-

1. install or replace with new and old die, be sure to avoid a collision, bump, Assembly of civilization to protect the mold;

2. use always check the die size, welded joint status appears weld cracks should be repaired, wear is going to adjust the aggregate sizes, worn impact product quality need to match the new model;

3. serious adjustment, including head and cores, pressure head and skip sport plane, the frame and line spacing, relative motion should not interfere, and collision;

4. always keep the machine clean, tidy, cannot have large legacy, daily clean up mold, use the air compressor, soft tool to clear concrete residues, do not beat or pick scrape mold;

⒌ replaced molds, cleaned, oiled rust, should be home dry, flat pad flat on to prevent gravity deformation.