What is good for roof tiles?

- Jun 04, 2018-

Colored stone tiles are better,

1. Earthquake resistance -- when an earthquake occurs, the metal tiles will not slip like ordinary tiles to reduce the damage.

2. Lightweight -- light weight, reducing the load of buildings.

3. Construction convenience -- light weight, large area and simple fittings, greatly reducing construction intensity and shortening construction time.

4. Economic construction -- the roof construction of old buildings does not need to remove any roof materials, but can be carried out directly to minimize waste disposal costs.

5. Colored stone metal tiles have weather resistance, moisture resistance, saltwater spray resistance, impact resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance and non-flammability. This product with aluminium zinc steel plate as base material, and a multi-layer protective film processing, can withstand the cold, hail, wind, rain and snow, and the hot, bad weather and natural disasters as earthquake attacks, will not crack, aging, therefore encounters fire combustion, the wind lift, has a long service life.

6. It can be used for wooden frame, steel frame, all steel net frame and concrete roof.

7. Due to the characteristics of easy bending and cutting, it is applicable to all kinds of buildings, and safe construction can also be carried out for slope (12-90 degrees) roof, especially for "flat slope modification and roof renovation" project. At the same time, it can replace the original clay tile, cement tile, color steel plate, glass fiber asphalt tile, SLATE tile, etc., while constructing, it is not necessary to remove the original roof, so it can be directly constructed. Because the surface area of the metal tile is large, the weight is light, it can be bent and cut, and it can be fixed firmly by means of unique buckle design, structure and horizontal nailing. This kind of dry construction, simple and fast, saving materials.