What should I do if the welding place of the cement tile machine is cracked?

- Mar 04, 2021-

The main principle of cement tile forming machine is vibration forming, so long-term use will often lead to cracks in the welds at the weld. What should I do if it cracks? Below, our Yufeng experts introduce several welding methods to prevent the weld from cracking and do not know how to solve it.

   Cement tile machine four-column frame, similar structure, this type of welded structure is characterized by bearing compressive stress or bearing longitudinal bending stress while being compressed. The cross-sectional shape of the structure is mostly "I"-shaped, "box-shaped" or tubular circular cross-section. Column-type welded structures are also commonly combined with various section steels to form a so-called virtual web and virtual wall combined section. All of these forms can increase the moment of inertia, improve the stability of the structure, and save materials at the same time.

   For example, the oil cylinder of the hydraulic non-burning tile machine, the shell structure and other structures bear greater internal pressure, so the joints are required to have good airtightness, such as containers, receptacles and pipes, which are mostly made of steel plate welding.

  The welding requirements of the power distribution cabinet are more complicated. This type of structure is most suitable for working under alternating loads or multiple repetitive loads. This type of structure uses a combined process of steel plate welding or casting welding and forging welding.

  All welds in other parts of the tile machine must be welded, and important stresses are even required to be welded in multiple layers, layer by layer.

  Under normal circumstances, the frame structure is rarely cracked, and it is all small connections. Due to the long vibration time, cracking is prone to occur.