Advanced Automatic Tiling Machine

- Nov 19, 2019-

The tiling machine is a combination of modern electronic technology and the ancient industry, and is a symbol of modern social progress. It fills a gap in China's construction industry, and it solves the problem of artificial tile. The popularization and promotion of products will make the traditional tiling industry farewell to the era of hand-tiling, and make the construction industry fully enter a modern development period. The machine adopts infrared positioning, automatic sensing, automatic lifting, automatic control to the amount of ash, can reach the verticality, the flatness error is within 1mm, and the empty drum rate is zero. This is never achieved by manpower. The efficiency is four times that of ordinary bricklayers, no need for professional operation, convenient carrying and simple operation. The advent of this product solves the problem of tired, bitter and dirty for the construction industry, reducing costs for enterprise users, improving quality, saving raw materials and shortening the construction period.

1. Using infrared positioning to eliminate the cumbersome procedure of the traditional sticky brick hanging line vertical measuring level, the product is positioned quickly and can be vertically flattened in only 1 minute.

2, the operation is convenient and simple, can be arbitrarily adjustable according to the width of the tile, without the need for bricklayer operation.

3, high quality; the use of this device to solve the problem of the empty drum and vertical flatness error of the artificial sticky brick, the use of this equipment can reach the highest level of empty drum, vertical flatness is zero. This is the quality that artificial can never do.

4, fast; a tiled machine a day of sticky brick area is more than four times the occupation of sticky bricklayer. It can reach 40 to 200 square meters.

5, light weight and easy to carry; the whole set of equipment weighs 20 kg. All equipment can be lifted in a beautiful aluminum alloy box.

6, the product precision is high; each part of the product is made of high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, the error is controlled at about 0.1mm.

7, the operation is simple; only 10 minutes before the brick can be completed to complete the installation process, the width and height of the work surface can be adjusted.

8, adaptability; the size of the tile in the market can be used to adjust.

9, high efficiency, firm, no need to re-stitch after tiling, the wall is beautiful and beautiful, smooth and smooth, generally applicable to wall decoration.

10, the product life can be more than ten years, the applicability of the product will let the facts speak, let the effect of promotion, let word of mouth spread

The construction industry is a truly sustainable industry and a never-ending stage for wealth. It is an industry that can satisfy the entrepreneur's material wealth and spiritual wealth at the same time, and is a cause that brings happiness to others.

China is a country with a large population and a large demand for housing. According to the survey of relevant state information departments, China's civil construction area ranks first in the world, coupled with industrial, commercial buildings and building halls, which provides a huge market space for the development of the construction industry.

The rapid development of real estate development has prompted the rapid development of China's construction industry. At present, the construction status of industrial, commercial and civil housing in China is completed by the manual, from the main body to the decoration, from the wall to the installation of water and electricity. The quality is not easy to guarantee. Therefore, improving the efficiency and quality of decoration is an effective measure to shorten the construction period and ensure the construction quality.