Advantages Of Automatic Tile Machine

- Dec 31, 2019-

1, the best waterproof performance

Only the bottom structure of the tile can be achieved by the press-molded molded tile, which makes the outflow of rainwater smoother and faster, and avoids the phenomenon of backflow of ordinary cement tile rainwater formed by rolling. In addition, the molded surface of the tile has a higher water-blocking effect on the head, that is, it is used on a horizontal roof, and there is no rainwater backflow phenomenon.

2, the highest compression resistance

After compression molding, the strength is high (pressure of 1250 kN), and the outer dimensions are accurate (420 mm × 330 mm, about 9 pieces per square) and the density is uniform. The flexural strength of more than 200 kg is enough for the construction workers to walk freely on the already laid roof.

3, the construction performance is the most convenient

Whether it is vertical laying or horizontal laying construction is convenient and feasible. On the general slope roof, it is not necessary to hang the slats, and it is also convenient to use the cutter to cut the tiles in a wet manner at any angle.