Advantages Of Cement Tile Machines

- Jul 23, 2017-

              Aiming at the problems that the control system of most cement brick machine is still manual operation, low reliability, poor efficiency and unstable operation, this paper analyzes the control principle and function of cement brick making machine, and puts forward the method of using PLC to control the cement brick-making machine. According to the requirement of brick making process, the software and hardware design method, procedure and process of PLC control system are described.Cement Tile Machines

              Because the cement brick protects our country precious land resources, simultaneously also realizes the resources reuse, for example, we all think that the slag, slag, construction waste, and so on, through the brick-making machine equipment can be converted into unburned brick, thus realizing the recycling of resources, which is why the country issued relevant policies, vigorously support the development of cement brick market reasons. In addition, many friends are worried about the problem, is the quality of cement bricks? Can its strength be up to par? Here I can give you a complete affirmation of the answer, the quality of cement bricks is not inferior to the original red brick, strength is far more than the strength of the red brick.Cement Tile Machines

              Product Features (1) strength can be based on engineering requirements to produce different levels of strength of bricks (2) shape according to the requirements of the project to determine the different specifications of block brick (3) can be hollow blocks, multi-row perforated bricks, solid bricks and other different varieties of concrete bricks (4) Discarded concrete bricks can also be recycled, increasing the comprehensive utilization of resources.Cement Tile Machines