Advantages Of Cement Tile Press

- Feb 29, 2020-

Advantages of cement tile press

1. Fast molding speed, large output, PLC programmable controller, automatic control, man-machine interface, more reliable performance. Easy to operate. Full hydraulic pneumatic, production speed up to 8 pieces/minute, high yield, more cost-effective. 2, the use of mortar concrete through the filter molding, product structure perfect, variety, high density, strength, size precision, can meet the needs of all kinds of buildings, is the fine concrete products. 3, a multi-purpose machine. This machine can produce all kinds of main tile, ridge tile, edge tile, gutter tile by changing the mold, and also can produce all kinds of high-grade color floor tile, such as terrazzo tile, polished peening floor tile, washed floor tile.

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Raw material configuration - bucket elevator - grinding wheel mixer - ration mixer - host - cement tile curing plate - curing plate rack truck - manual sprayer - finished products