Advantages Of Tile Machines

- Sep 01, 2017-

     The advantages of paste tile machine: Easy to operate, can be adjustable according to the size width of tiles, no bricklayer operation. The quality is high, the problem of the empty drum and vertical flatness error caused by artificial sticky bricks is solved by using the sticky bricks of this equipment, which can reach the highest level of zero of empty drum and vertical flatness. This is the quality that can never be done manually.Tile Machines

     The machine uses the infrared localization, the automatic sensor, the automatic take-off and landing, the automatic control gives the ash quantity, may achieve the verticality, the flatness error within 1mm, the empty drum rate is zero standard, this is the artificial forever cannot reach. Efficiency is a common bricklayer four times times, no professional operation, easy to carry, easy to operate. The advent of the product for the construction industry to solve the tired, bitter, dirty problems, for the enterprise users to reduce costs, improve the quality, save raw materials, shorten the construction cycle.Tile Machines

     Ceramic tile cutting machine is mainly used in granite, marble, terrazzo, and ceramic materials such as cutting off the plate and chamfer processing. The desktop cutting machine by the stone market is welcomed by a cutting machinery, widely used in the standard plate cutting processing. Its precision can meet any stone export standards. To overcome the phenomenon of plate explosion, machinable 5-300mm thickness slate, easy to operate, easy to use, stable product quality, is the ideal stone cutting machinery users.Tile Machines

    The cutting tile machine equipment includes a frame positioned on the rail vehicle, a circular saw blade fixed on the output shaft of a hydraulic ejector rod, a power plant fixed on the rack and a drive-connected output shaft, characterized by at least one disk saw blade at both ends of the output shaft transverse to the frame.Tile Machines

    Because the disc saw blades are arranged at both ends of the output shaft, the load is balanced and the two cutting surfaces can be kept parallel, and one walk can be cut by two ways. When two to four discs are installed at each end of the output shaft, that is, can achieve a cut of four to eight road, the use of this equipment quarrying, can greatly reduce the damage caused by traditional flame cutting environment, and cutting surface neat, reduce waste can be directly mined out of the material, stone or plate.Tile Machines