Application Scope And Principle Of Tile Machines

- Aug 03, 2017-

    Scope of application: 1, the equipment is residential buildings, office buildings, guesthouses, bath and other places indoor and outdoor wall of the ideal equipment. 2, suitable for all kinds of cement wall, brick mixed wall, hollow wall, light body brick wall, brick-free walls and so on. 3, the applicable ash has: white sand ash, cement sand mix, cement powder, foam mortar, dry powder mortar, gypsum and so on. 4, mortar thickness 5-50mm can be arbitrary adjustment, if special requirements can be customized according to customer needs.Tile Machines
   Market Prospects: The construction industry is the real sustainable development of the industry, is never ending the wealth of the big stage. It is an industry that satisfies the wealth and spiritual wealth of the entrepreneur at the same time, and is a cause of happiness for others. China is a large population, housing demand. According to the National Information Department survey, China's civil construction area of the world's first, coupled with industrial, commercial housing and buildings, etc., for the development of the building industry has provided a huge market space. The rapid development of real estate development has led to the rapid development of China's construction industry at present, the current state of the construction of industrial, commercial and civil buildings from the main body to the renovation, from the wall to the water and electricity installation, but also all by artificial to complete, time-consuming, quality is not easy to guarantee. , so improving the decoration efficiency and quality is an effective measure to shorten the construction period and ensure the quality of the work.Tile Machines
   The cutting principle is similar to diamond glass knife. can be straight line and arc cutting all kinds of tiles, there are glazed or glazed interior and exterior wall tiles, floor tiles, three-dimensional tiles, ceramic plates, vitrified porcelain brick and flat glass. In particular, the introduction of Italian production lines of various types of high-grade wall tiles, floor tiles, according to the European Community standard production, the texture is particularly hard, that is, the use of existing electric stone cutting machine cutting is also more difficult. And the machine can not only smooth cutting, and improve the effectiveness of more than 5 times times, the life of the knife-wheel $number times, cutting edge neat, low cost, no electricity, no cooling water, no noise, light, use and carry are convenient, so by the vast number of builders welcome.Tile Machines
   Product Advantages: 1, the use of infra-red positioning, to eliminate the traditional sticky brick line to test the level of cumbersome procedures, the product positioning fast, just 1 minutes can be completed vertically flat fixed. 2, easy to operate, can be adjustable according to the size of the tile width, no bricklayer operation. 3, high quality, the use of this equipment sticky bricks to solve the artificial sticky bricks appear empty drum, vertical flatness error big problem, use this device to achieve empty drums, vertical flatness is the highest level of zero. This is the quality that can never be done manually. 4, the speed is fast, a pastes the ceramic tile machine one day the sticky brick area is the profession sticks the brick and tile work more than four times times. Can reach 40 to 200 square meters. 5, light weight portability; All the equipment in the exquisite aluminum alloy box lift can be. 6, high precision products, each part of the product is made of high-grade aluminum-magnesium alloy die-casting, error control in 0. Around 1mm. 7, easy to operate, only 10 minutes before the sticky brick can complete the installation program, the width and height of the work surface can be adjusted arbitrarily. 8, the adaptability is widespread, the market tile size can use any adjustment. 9, the efficiency is high, firm, after the brick does not need to hook seam again, metope beautiful, smooth and smooth, generally applies to metope decoration. 10, product life expectancy of up to 10 years, the applicability of the product will let the facts speak, let the effect of promotion, word-of-mouth spread.Tile Machines