Automatic Block Forming Machine

- Aug 17, 2017-

            QT Series Automatic block forming machine is the company combined with domestic and foreign advanced technology, and by the company engineers for many years of research and production experience design and production of new equipment, the equipment in the domestic market by customers praise!$literal-type automatic block forming machine is the present domestic Taiwan molding machine in the more advanced block molding machines, it is in the absorption of Germany, Italy, Japan and other foreign block forming machine based on the advantages of the development and manufacture of high-performance domestic molding equipment, compatible with road brick, road along the stone, river brick and hydraulic products, etc., at the same time can choose the level of two times cloth system, increase color effect, the use of storage material distribution device, independent foundation of the storage hopper, to overcome the premature liquefaction of concrete defects, To ensure the production of finished product quality, can automatically complete from the feed to the output of the whole process of products.Block Machines

           The machine is simple in structure, compact, easy to operate, easy to maintain, less diligent, high yield, small investment and quick return. Production up and down pressure, strong vibration, especially QMJ-4 brick machine, is very suitable for the production of standard bricks, its strength than clay bricks, the replacement of different molds, but also production of various blocks. The production of block can be widely used: slag sand gravel aluminum red slag electrolytic copper slag gangue building waste fly ash volcanic slag and other raw materials, rich in materials, can be seen everywhere, investment and construction plant, extremely convenient.Block Machines

           Products should be in a clear and appropriate position fixed product signs, the type and size should conform to the provisions of JB8, and marked the following: A. Product name, model and standard code number; b. factory date; d. Factory name; Packaging and random technical documents shall conform to jc/t406 requirements. and adapt to land, waterway transport requirements. Before the installation and use of manufacturers and users must be properly kept, to prevent corrosion damage and deformation.Block Machines