Automatic Brick Production Line Making Machine And Brick Making Equipment

- Mar 19, 2020-

Automatic brick production line making machine and brick making equipment

The main important machine is vacuum extruder.

Brick processing raw material machine included box feeder ,roller crusher, hammer crusher, jaw crusher, high speed rolling crusher, double shaft mixer machine.

Brick molding machine are double shaft mixer and extruder , vacuum extruder ,automatic brick cutter machine, green bricks separator ,brick stacking machine, robot brick setting machine.

Brick making automatic system :

Brick loading and unloading machine, brick packaging machine .

Brick dryer and kiln control and detection systems.

Technological Description

For this production line, raw material is clay, finished products is India brick. Big quantity raw material is required to be treated.

In raw materials warehouse, loaders will supply raw materials to plate feeders. At the upper part of materials warehouse there are metallic fences so as to prevent masses of raw limestone and sandstone from damaging the equipment. Raw material will be sent to primary roller crusher and fine pulverizing grinder in turn. Coal powder will be added here and mixing with water.

In order to increase the warehouse capacity and improve the ageing effect, the inclined-shaft type ageing warehouse is adopted. Thus the raw material is being distributed on the top by movable belt conveyor, aged raw material will be unloaded from side edge by multi bucket excavator.

General process is adopting semi-stiff plastic extruding process for brick molding, tunnel dryer for drying and tunnel kiln for firing.

This is advanced and practical technology, which can meet the production requirement.

Raw material preparation

Before raw material being sent into raw material stock, masses of impurity and some organic parts will be eliminated by man power. In raw material stock, clay will be sent to box feeder by loader, and being sent to roller crusher and fine pulverizing grinder.  Crushed clay with grain smaller than 3mm, and will be sent to double shaft mixer, water added and mixed, here the material moisture content reach to 13-14%. Thus the raw material is being sent to aging room by warehouse reversible belt conveyor.

Raw material aging process

Material will be aged in the aging room, thus, water inside will be diffused and evenly divided, the grains will be further dissolved, tempered and plasticized  so that the shaping performance will be greatly improved.

Aged material will be unloaded on belt conveyor by multi-bucket excavator, then being sent to box feeder in molding process. Box feeder with big stock capacity, which can guarantee the mixer extruder and extruding machine's feeding requirement, stabilize the green brick adobe moisture content and molding process. Meanwhile, this gives buffering time for multi-bucket excavator to change the working position.  This also water down the synchronization requirement for former process. The aged material moisture content will reduce 1%.

Molding process

Aged clay material first will be sent to mixing extruder for water replenishing and mixing, then the double stage vacuum extruder will squeeze material to clean-surface and solid-inside columns, which will be cut into the required adobes by cutter.

Extruding machine is the key equipment among the whole production line, its performance are required as follows:

1) They can meet the need of different specification and hole shapes of the brick

2) The vacuum degree is -0.092Mpa, the extruding pressure is 2.0~3.0Mpa.

3) The hourly output per set is more than 6000pcs bricks.

Drying and firing

Drying and firing will adopt twice setting & firing process. Drying chamber adopts new type tunnel dryer with inner width of 2.4meter. Whole production line adopts 7 lines of double-rail tunnel dryers. The heating source is residual/waste heat from the tunnel kiln. The smoking air feeding temperature and air volume will be adjusted through the air-adjustment-system, so as to ensure the drying quality of green bricks. Well-dried green bricks will be unloaded from drying cart and re-stacking on the kiln cart manually.