Automatic Cement Tile Machine Manufacturer

- Nov 25, 2019-

Fiber cement pressure plate is a new type of building material. According to the industry standard of building materials, it is a non-asbestos and chrysotile fiber cement flat plate in the building plate. At present, most of the domestic production of chrysotile fiber cement pressure plate, the main material fiber cement silicon powder and other additional materials, using a special production process, through the pulping and copying tons of presses pressure line maintenance procedures produced The cement slab used in construction has been widely used in various fields of the construction industry for its superior performance. The specifications of the fiber cement board are not constant, and can be cut on a regular basis according to their own needs, or can be customized according to the needs.

As a new environmentally friendly building material, calcium silicate board has the advantages of traditional fireproof board and mineral wool board, and has superior fireproof performance and long service life of moisture resistance. It can be widely used in industrial and commercial engineering, ceiling and partition of building. Walls, lining boards for home decoration furniture, lining boards for ships, partition walls for warehouses, wall panels for tunnels, tunnels, and ventilation ducts for subways.