Basic Introduction Of Color Tile Machine

- Dec 16, 2019-

Basic introduction of color tile machine

In the broad sense, the colored tile machine refers to the equipment and equipment for making colored tiles, including colored steel tile machines, glazed tile machines, and cement colored tile machines. With the development and use of Caiwa machines in the market, some well-known companies in technology and quality have also stood out. For example, Anhui Torch Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. "Automatic concrete color tile machinery, concrete color tile" is a specialized industrial enterprise. With ten years of production experience, the company has gathered a group of experienced "concrete molding" design engineers who regularly participate in the production of the "torch color tile factory" and "concrete color tile", which makes the company a cement tile production equipment The most ideal supplier of "turn-key project", the company's mold workshop: annual development of more than 200 sets of "concrete color tile molds", and fully realize the company's mold self-sufficiency. The mold material is: DC53 Japan-Datong (hardness: 60-62 degrees), GCR12MO chromium 12 molybdenum vanadium (hardness: 58-60 degrees) with a service life of about 2 million pieces, which is a high-quality concrete color tile mold. The company has repeatedly exported "concrete color tile machines" with independent intellectual property rights this year to "Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Ukraine, Angola, Zimbabwe, Nigeria" and other parts of the world, marking the company's automatic concrete color tile machinery. High-tech production technology, exported to foreign countries independently, showing that the company's "full-automatic concrete color tile machinery" has reached the world's most advanced level. "Fully-automatic concrete color tile equipment" was again approved by provincial experts and passed the inspection by Anhui Machinery Quality Supervision Station, National Spark Program Project, and "color concrete tile", also known as "concrete color tile", is At present, the best new type of roof covering material in the world, it uses "cement, river sand" according to a certain proportion, through "automatic mixing and automatic PLC control system", through "150 tons of fully automatic CNC hydraulic forming Mechanical ".