Block Machines Of The Material Device

- May 25, 2017-

The use of Block Machines closed belt conveyor, and strictly control the amount of small material and semi-storage, so with the use of delivery, Block Machines to prevent the impact of concrete by the aftershocks in advance liquefaction to ensure product strength.

Unique vibration form: the use of computer-controlled hydraulic system flow, pressure, complete vertical synchronous vibration, frequency, brake; Block Machines advanced table die vibration vibration form of concrete in 2-3 seconds full liquefaction, exhaust. The use of excess oil when pressurized, will be converted into shock force, Block Machines which basically eliminate energy consumption.

Reasonable vibration distribution: through the stripping cylinder to lock the mold box on the vibration table, die together; pressure head with a special vibrator, Block Machines to increase the vibration speed effect. This form of vibration so that the rapid liquefaction of concrete, exhaust, so that products to high-density, high strength. Can be a large proportion of the use of a variety of waste ash, waste slag, slag, slag, coal ore, volcanic ash, coal ash, stone chips, construction waste can produce a variety of high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing products.

Unique cutting and breaking arch device to make the material quickly and evenly into the mold box; special double-ended synthetic output vibration technology, Block Machines reasonable vibrator arrangement, so that the excitation force in the vibration table evenly distributed. Thus ensuring the consistency of product weight, strength.

With an annual output of 80,000 cubic meters of standard blocks, the standard brick production capacity of 45 million. Classic models: the host is equipped with a carpet machine reciprocating oscillation mechanism cloth device, to solve the industry fabric problems, Block Machines greatly improving its productivity. The host vibrator uses a high-speed, heavy-duty construction to double its life. The configurable back-board system is equipped with a compensation system, equivalent to a storage multiplier that can increase productivity by at least 10%.

1, the operating system using Mitsubishi PLC PLC and man-machine interface touch screen control, equipped with data input device, safety logic control, and fault diagnosis system, can achieve the ideal man-machine dialogue.

2, the implementation of manual, Block Machines semi-automatic, fully automatic mode operation. The parameters of each executable can be set arbitrarily. Can guarantee the quality and efficiency of the product. 6-15 Mianshaozhuanji adopts heavy structure design.

3, the use of high-strength steel by special welding technology. To ensure that the body's rigidity is good, since the major, and the excitation system does not produce resonance. Can extend the machine life.

4, three-cylinder pressure, in the concrete forming process evenly, Block Machines to solve the traditional hydraulic block machine vibration without pressure shortcomings, to achieve a large pressure, the number of molding, the provincial cement block compression strength, Provincial pallets and other characteristics.