Blocking Machine Storage Equipment

- Jun 13, 2017-

    Block machine is based on fly ash, crushed construction waste, stone, stone powder as raw materials to produce blocks and cement brick and other new environmentally friendly materials machinery and equipment. The new wall material is based on block and cement brick. The block machine is the machine that produces the block. The new wall material is based on block and cement brick. Mostly using hydraulic molding mode, there are also used to shake or chain to enhance the promotion, which is divided into mechanical and hydraulic type two models.

   Structural principles and characteristics:

(1) block machine for the fixed, Taiwan-type, mechanical stripping, the model design advanced and reasonable, wide range of applications, the use of reducer, brake magnetic

Iron crank arm around stripping.Block Machines

(2) the use of four columns, accurate positioning, mold balance and stability, small pieces of small, good appearance.

(3) mold replacement easy, simple, easy maintenance.Block Machines

(4) small block brick machine for 1-3 people to complete, easy to operate, suitable for the general production users.

   The use of closed belt conveyor, and strictly control the amount of small material and semi-storage, so with the use of delivery, to prevent the impact of concrete by the aftershocks in advance liquefaction to ensure product strength.

Unique vibration form: the use of computer-controlled hydraulic system flow, pressure, complete vertical synchronous vibration, frequency, brake; advanced table die vibration vibration form of concrete in 2-3 seconds full liquefaction, exhaust. The use of excess oil when pressurized, will be converted into shock force, which basically eliminate energy consumption.Block Machines

   Reasonable vibration distribution: through the stripping cylinder to lock the mold box on the vibration table, die together; pressure head with a special vibrator, to increase the vibration speed effect. This form of vibration so that the rapid liquefaction of concrete, exhaust, so that products to high-density, high strength. Can be a large proportion of the use of a variety of waste ash, waste slag, slag, slag, coal ore, volcanic ash, coal ash, stone chips, construction waste can produce a variety of high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing products.Block Machines