Brief Introduction And Routine Maintenance Of Block Machine

- Dec 09, 2019-

Block machine is a kind of machine equipment for block forming. Today, with the theme of environmental protection, the new wall material is recognized by the majority of users. It is a new material mainly composed of block and cement brick.   block machine structure and characteristics:  

1.   the block machine is fixed, platform vibration type and mechanical demoulding. The design of this machine is advanced and reasonable, with a wide range of application   2.   4 columns are adopted, with accurate positioning, stable mold balance, small rough edge of block and good appearance.   3   mold replacement is convenient, simple and easy to maintain. A kind of

In the process of block forming production, certain precautions should be grasped for the operation of block machine:  

1.   adjust the guide rail and support plane of the feeder car every time the mold is replaced. After the adjustment, lock the adjustment points one by one and check the phase

Close the size and movement position of the component. A kind of

2. When the proximity switch is fixed, the size must be verified and possible errors must be eliminated through the manual linkage trial production process. A kind of

3. After the production of each shift, the residual concrete mixture on the mold box, indenter and other parts of the machine must be cleaned.   4   when mixing and loading, it should be noted that there should be no coarse aggregate or other different and hard materials mixed in the mixing material (diameter of 2cm

Above), especially steel parts and other solid items to avoid damage to mechanical parts. A kind of

5. The cement in the mixture in the mixer and storage hopper is easy to coagulate into blocks, so the materials should be mixed and used at any time, and should not be stored too long,

It is not allowed to store materials in charging car and mould for over shift and overnight. A kind of