Capability Feature Of Terrazzo Floor Tiles Machine

- Mar 19, 2020-

Capability Feature of terrazzo floor tiles machine

Initiated in the domestic industry, lead the trend of the times, and contribute to society.

High automaticity, easy and simple to handle,high production efficiency.

Low cost, low labor intensity,low consumption,no pollution, no dust.

It just need 2-3 persons to operate the complete equipment, and the production is 3000 pcs/class.

Products: 300×300 mm,400×400mm,500×500mm,600×600mm. The thickness can be adjusted easily as you want.

Accurate appearance size,high intensity,high density,and low percentage of damage.

Good flexural strength, high abrasive resistance,good anti-skid performance, long-lasting,and elegant taste.

The terrazzo tile is featured by diversiform pictures, vivid flower pattern, various colors,high density,high intensity,good anti-skid performance,etc.It can also replace the granite tile and marble tile, and mainly be used to lay the sidewalk of the city, plaza ground,and indoor ground, can considered as the optimal ground surface materials.

The raw materials are cement,stone dust,and gravel, which is very cheap and easy to find.